OVD Object1 –The Crashed UFO in Roswell OVD-05

by Chronos



Almost everyone in the States has heard of Roswell, a little town in New Mexico and its incident. The Roswell incident is the most credible UFO sighting in history with official government record.

The U.S. Army initially published a press release claiming that a flying disk had crashed in Roswell in July 1947 and that the Army had recovered the disk. However, the press release was retracted later. They said it was a big mistake and correct their initial claim saying that what they discovered was actually a weather balloon.  

Which story do you believe in? Was it "A crashed weather balloon” or a flying disk ?

You know what? To us, it was a flying disk, an UFO, what we would call “OBJECT1”

Object1 is made with a scratch resistant European Sapphire crystal. The exaggerated dome design has surely made it more difficult in production but we nailed it and topped it with a layer of coat to make it anti-reflective.

The front Sapphire crystal  is joint with the mineral-glass case back and case body. The perfect craftsmanship and combination mirror the streamlined appearance of an UFO. The case is made of 316L stainless steel material with a special Rusty polish to achieve the distressed finishing which resembles the crashed UFO in Roswell.

Swiss Luminova luminous powder in the watch dial, movement calendar and watch hands lighten up Object1, making it shine through the darkness. With the extra luminous powder in the watch crown embossed with Object1 logo, it is like UFO abduction light in the night. You just could not miss it.

To create the scientific look, luminous image display is used in the calendar indicator and the second wheel. With the sweeping mechanism, the second hand display is very eye-catching. Accompanied by the special buckling proceed minute hand, Object1 is so 3D that you could experience standing in from of the driving dashboard of an UFO just by looking at the time and calendar display. 

 After almost 5 months, a prototype of Object1 has finally come to earth.

“The Roswell incident is always in my mind and I have always been wanting to project it into my design. “Our designer Ricky said. A great idea without actions is nothing. After initial sketch drawings, constant computation, engineering and calculation including CAD drawing and 3D rendering output were carried out to make the design rationalized and practicable. We finally got the final timepiece that satisfied our OVD team after two Prototype production and color matching processes.

"Crop Circle" is a large geometric pattern with flattening crops created by some supernatural mysterious force in a wheat field or other farmland. Many believed the crop circle is the secret message left by aliens. Embracing the belief, the box is shaped based on UFO with recycled eco-friendly paper texture to create the wheat field feeling. The pattern of crop circle is embossed at the top of the watch box in honor of the messages left by aliens. 


Movement: Seiko NH70A; a luminous coated rotor embossed with alien civilization pattern.

Glass: Scratch resistant and double domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflection coating

Case: 316L Stainless Steel

Dimensions: 43mm*13.6mm

Water Resistant: 5 ATM / 50m

Dial and Hands: Special buckling proceed minute hand and calendar indicator at the bottom.

Function: Hour, minute, second, date

Other features:

Strap: Italian calf leather strap with a quick released spring bar.